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PL/SQL Working with Functions

-- package create or replace package pkg_xyz is   function fnc_varsayilan_cevap_kontrol (p_soru_id in number) return number; end pkg_mzb; -- package body create or replace package body         pkg_xyz is function fnc_varsayilan_cevap_kontrol (p_soru_id number) return number is       varsayilanKontrol       number := 0;       begin               select count (varsayilan)           into varsayilanKontrol           from mzb_muayene_soru_cevaplari          where soru_id = p_soru_id          and varsayilan=1;             return varsayilanKontrol;                                                 exception             when No_Data_Found             then             return null ;           end ; end;

PL/SQL Working with Cursors

SELECT-INTO Simple Select declare   l_last_name employees.last_name%type; begin   select last_name     into l_last_name     from employees     where employee_id=138;       dbms_output.put_line(l_last_name); end; Join declare   l_last_name employees.last_name%type;   l_department_name departments.department_name%type; begin   select last_name, department_name   into l_last_name, l_department_name   from employees e, departments d   where e.department_id=d.department_id   and e.employee_id=138;   dbms_output.put_line(         l_last_name||         ' is working in '||         l_department_name ||         ' department.'); end; Cursor FOR Loop declare   cursor test_cur   is     select * from employees     where department_id=50; begin   for c1   in test_cur   loop     dbms_output.put_line(       c1.first_name||       ' '||       c1.last_name     );   end loop; end;