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Fix for Umbraco GetCurrentMember System.InvalidOperationException: No member object found

It is possible that you don't store your member data in Umbraco database any longer and you have got an external service that provides your member data, so that your web users can login to your website using this external service. If this is the case then you might see the following error happening in the background which is also causing some performance issues. An error occurred in GetCurrentMember. System.InvalidOperationException: No member object found with username [email protected] at umbraco.cms.businesslogic.member.Member.GetCurrentMember() This exception is most likely happening due to your project references to built in Umbraco membership provider, hence first step should be checking your Umbraco project's Web.config for  UmbracoMembershipProvider.  If the setting is similar to the following, then this is the reason that you see these exceptions. In that case, follow the 3 steps below to fix this problem. <add name="UmbracoMembershipProvider" type=&q