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Umbraco V8 Upgrade from V7 - Developer Notes

Recently I have started working on upgrading my client's Umbraco v7.15.4 website to Umbraco v8.6.3 (current latest version) and decided to write this blog as it can be very tricky and you might end up spending hours if not days to fix your problems. I'd be very happy if I can help you to save some time and do better planning before doing your upgrade. Before you start doing anything, you should know that; Umbraco 8 is a major release. There will be a lot of breaking changes, for my case 435 new features, 95 breaking changes and 1254 issues & tasks.   Please check the local development and hosting requirements , otherwise the upgrade will fail and you have to rollback your changes to try again. One important thing, please make sure you have done all your Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 upgrades first. Ensure that you have got .NET Framework 4.7.2 installed. Upgrade your v7 Umbraco project to 7.14+, latest v7 version would be your best option. Umbraco codebase has been fundamental