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select,         b.root_id,         lpad ( ' ', 5 * ((decode(level,1,0,level))) ) || dept_name,         decode( ,1,'X',' ') active from schema_name.table_name b connect by prior start with order siblings by;


select   d.dname ,            t.job,            t.cnt  from   dept d,           (select  deptno,                       job,                       count(empno) cnt              from  emp       group by  deptno,job ) t where  t.deptno = d.deptno;

PL/SQL Select 1 & Not Exists

 CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW "SCHEMA_NAME"."VEW_TEST_VIEW" AS   SELECT,     hayvankabul.MEZBAHA_ID,     hayvankabul.SAGLIK_RAPOR_NO,     kentli.adi_soyadi yetistiren_adi_soyadi   FROM mzb_hayvan_kabul_bilgileri hayvankabul,     vew_ort_kentli kentli   WHERE IN     (SELECT     FROM mzb_hayvan_kabul_bilgileri kabul,       mzb_hayvan_bilgileri hayvan     WHERE = hayvan.hayvan_kabul_id     AND NOT EXISTS       (SELECT 1       FROM mzb_ante_mortem_hay_bilgileri antehayvan       WHERE       )     )   AND hayvankabul.YETISTIRICI_KENTLI_ID=kentli.ID   ORDER BY DESC;

JavaScript-Remove everything after a certain character and string compare

function myFunction() {     var str1 = "15.09.2012 19:30" ;     var str2 = new Date().format( "" );     var result = "" ;     var str3 = str1.substring(0, str1.indexOf( ' ' )); //str3= "15.09.2012"     var isEqual = str2.localeCompare(str3);     if (isEqual == 0)         result = str3 + ' and ' + str2 + ' are same!' ;     else         result = str3 + ' and ' + str2 + ' are different!' ; }

Solution for "ora-12638 credential retrieval failed" Problem

This is an Oracle database connection problem and it might occur when you try to connect an Oracle database by using an Oracle client. Here is the solution for this problem; Go to sqlnet.ora file which is normally under this folder:  C:\..\client\network\admin Open it with something like Notepad ++ Change SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES=(NTS) to SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES=(NONE)  Save the changes, that is all. Error Message: ORA-12638: Credential retrieval failed Happy coding.

Solution for "Can not obtain Oracle client information from registry"

This problem occurs when you have installed a 32-bit Devart driver together with a 32-bit OraClient on a 64-bit operating system. All you need to do is; Go to your iis settings.  Go to your web site's application pool. Go to advanced settings of the application pool and set "Enable 32-Bit Applications" option to true. Save the settings, that is all. Error Message: Can not obtain Oracle client information from registry. Make sure that Oracle Client Software is installed, or use Direct mode of connecting to server. Happy coding.