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PL/SQL Working with Database Objects

create or replace type obj_xyz_table is        object (                 id                number       ,                 name               varchar2(50) ,                 surname            varchar2(50)                 -- here can come more properties according to the needs of your project              ); *************** create or replace type tab_xyz_table_name is table of obj_xyz_table;

How to specify proxy credentials in web.config

If you need to configure a website to access a webservice etc. which is deployed on another machine vie a proxy, you just need to update your web projects web.config file as shown below: < configuration >   ...   <!-- <>     <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true">       <proxy proxyaddress="http://proxyIPAdress:portNumber" usesystemdefault="True"/>     </defaultProxy>   </> -->   ... </ configuration > That's all.  Happy coding :)